Our pillars of community aggregation

GYO Platform

We combine Battle Pass with community tools, player rankings, analytics, and tournament play

Fan Gear
and E-Commerce

Purchase uniforms, gear, accessories, mobile concessions

Cognitive Analytics

Providing coaches and recruiters the very best in cognitive analytic assessment for our athletes

Destination Aggregation

Promoting tourism through esports

Media production and distribution

Developing high-quality esports content and events

Introducing the GYO Platform

The Platform for Gamers and Esports Enthusiasts

The GYO esports data analytics platform bridges the gap between amateurism and professional esports play. GYO is the tool to find successful careers in esports.

Navigating the Esports Space

Helping You Develop a Plan for the Esports Wave

The professionals at Harena Data have been in the gaming industry for over a decade. Collectively, our team has covered the industry as journalists, helped produce national esports events, and built esports facilities around North America.

Esports Players Drawn to STEM

Esports Athletes More Likely to Study STEM Majors

For over a year, players have joined GYO Score in order to seek collegiate scholarship opportunities. In doing so, they completed several interviews that allowed us to understand what type of education they were seeking.


The Platform for Gamers and Esports Enthusiasts

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Harena Data is a leading esports community aggregator. We affiliate with traditional sports organizations to build esports communities.

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