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Our world is increasingly digital, and it can be scary to think about our children's first contact experiences with strangers online. Through our programs, children are getting practice at becoming safe, responsible digital citizens all while enjoying their favorite games and making new friends online!

The Educational Benefits of Video Games

Our After School Adventure Gamer Club provides many educational benefits around a child's favorite games. 

Improve Their Game

We help players improve their gameplay and learn techniques to continue to develop. 

Sportsmanship & Teamwork

We help train the players on the principles of good sportsmanship and respect for all as they learn about victory and defeat or failure.

Digital Socialization

We help players learn how to socialize as they make friends in a digital world.

Being Safe Online

We help players understand what information is appropriate to share online, and what isn't.

Building New Connections

Ability to connect with children who might not participate in extracurricular activities


Enhances strategic thinking and resilience as well as boosts memory capacity and retention of knowledge.

Social & Emotional Development

Boosts social behaviors, increases motivation, develops leadership skills, and builds empathy.  

Scholarships & Job Skills

Over 200 colleges offer esports programs with scholarships. Students have the opportunity after graduating college to use their gamer skills in programming, management, marketing, streaming, and more!

Safe Play in the Digital Space

When the last bell goes off at 3pm, it's time for kids to head home and play the #1 after school hobby, video games! However, parents end up having to monitor their children's online interaction when they play. Parents can stop worrying with GYO's Safeplay Certified platform (COPPA-compliant and Safe Harbor-certified) since all players are age-verified and communicate with each other under the adult supervision of our Gamer Guides coaches. All coaches are SafeSport Certified!

Safe Play in a Digital Space - Safe Esports For Kids
GYO Score - Esports Platform
SafePlay Certification
Kids Privacy Compliance Certification

Gaming for everyone

Hundres of Games Supported

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Turkey After School Program

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Our team runs the operations of the After School event from the scheduling to the player support. You promote the program, we take care of the rest!

Custom Branding

Your community, your brand! We custom design each social community so players feel right at home playing with their peers under your banner.

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Turkey After School Program

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