Spring Break Adventure Camp

After School Program: Now in Session!

When Spring Break arrives, the kids will be stuck at home and you have work. 
Now what? Sign your kids up for the Spring Break Adventure Camp program!

Our After School Adventure Camps are fun and interactive experiences built around your child's favorite games. The purpose of these camps is to provide a fun, educational experience led by SafeSport-certified Gamer Guides!

Each program is unique, but all programs are built around 4 core principles of learning and participation:

Improve Their Game

  • We help players improve their gameplay and learn techniques to continue to develop.

Sportsmanship & Teamwork

  • We help train the players on the principals of good sportsmanship and respect for all.

Digital Socialization

  • We help players learn how to socialize and make friends in a digital world.

Being Safe Online

We help players understand what information is appropriate to share online, and what isn't.

Our world is increasingly digital, and it can be scary to think about our children's first contact experiences with strangers online. Through our programs, you know your child is getting practice at becoming a safe, responsible digital citizen all while enjoying their favorite games and making new friends online!


Select from two weeks of Adventure Camps:

March 29-April 2

  • Play every day from 12-3pm EST
    Play every day from 4-7pm EST

April 5-9

  • Play every day from 12-3pm EST
    Play every day from 4-7pm EST


Teamwork Fun Camp

Ages 6-12

Rocket League

Beginner & Intermediate Youth

Ages 12-15

Rocket League

Scholarship Prep Camp*

Ages 16-18

* College Prep Course is appropriate for juniors and seniors in high school interested in pursuing collegiate scholarship for esports.  Courses will include guest instruction from coaches from colleges offering Rocket League scholarships around the country.

Featuring Guest Lectures from College Coaches

Our Scholarship Prep track will include guest coaching and lectures from coaches from varsity collegiate esports programs, including the Fighting Bees from St. Ambrose University in Iowa!  


Hundreds of colleges now offer scholarships for esports titles such as Rocket League, and your child can get a head start by learning what it takes to be considered by these programs!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my kids learn?
Our Minecraft Camp will take kids to 5 different Realm Adventures, each with a unique theme.  Each day, they will work together to build new structures, complete tasks, and conquer in-game adventures.  Our primary focus for Minecraft is digital socialization, teamwork, and communication skills.

For Rocket League, we are focused more intensely on the gameplay of Rocket League itself.  For players who are beginner to intermediate, we will take them through courses and training exercises related to some of the game's more advanced techniques.  We will also have them play as teams to encourage teamwork and communication.

What equipment/software is needed?
Rocket League
Game title is CROSS PLATFORM meaning your child can play on their Xbox, Playstation, Switch, or PC with other players regardless of console/device type. Rocket League is free to download for all devices.  For console players, please search "Rocket League" in your respective console digital game store.  Download Rocket League on PC here.


Minecraft Bedrock Edition
(Cross platform)-Console, Windows 10 Edition, iOS, or Android.  Before the camp starts, please be sure you have the most recent updates of Minecraft Bedrock Edition downloaded and installed.  Cost to download and install may vary by console device.


Must have a companion device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone) to participate.  The companion device will need Zoom installed in order to participate in video and voice chat for the duration of the event.

How many kids participate in each camp?
Camp sizes vary based on game title and scope, but camps will not exceed 12 players per any single camp.  A minimum of 5 players is required to run a camp.  If the minimum is not met, registered participants will have the opportunity to select another timeslot or receive a refund for their purchase.

What is the Gaming Club Membership?
Our Gaming Club are virtual, age-verified gamer communities often led by state soccer associations to provide a safe, fun, communical environment for young players.  Kids of all ages play safely online, create new friendships, and build social skills while having fun in their favorite games!

The membership last for 3 months pre renewal cycle, or an annual membership is available as well.  By signing up for the Spring Break Adventure Camp, you will receive a 3-month membership as part of your package (a $30 value).

What are the qualifications of the instructors for the event?
Our Adventure Camps are led by professional Gamer Guides (GG), who take a role similar to camp counselors or sports coaches.  They are trained in esports training techniques and all have completed Safeplay Certification, which includes the U.S. Center for SafeSport and federal background checks and screenings.

How are the Camps structured timewise?
Camps are set to cover a three hour block with a mixture of lessons presented by our Gamer Guides, drills/workshops covering core concepts, and free play periods.  Each course will always begin with introductions to the day's concept, and will end with players groups together for fun social play to end their session.

Interested in Future Camps and Digital Esports Clubs?

Maybe the timing doesn't work for you on this one?  Maybe you love the idea but your child doesn't play these games? 


Don't worry!  We conduct camps and clubs like this throughout the year for different titles and age groups.  Add your email to learn about future camp opportunities!

Thank You, we'll be in touch soon.

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